New technologies, gap in staff skills
Slow response to change, loss of competitive edge

You're a member of the implementation team for installing an enterprise-wide content management system. The team has selected a content management software package and an automatic categorization tool.

But there are major issues around fitting the vendor product and processes into your company's knowledge and working environment, especially in the area of integrating taxonomies and topic vocabulary. 

You're short on staff and no one understands how to set up a taxonomy or maintain it.

Your problem in a nutshell
  • Staff not trained in how to categorize information
  • Staff not trained in how to maintain a categorization scheme
  • Shortage of staff for upfront implementation
What we do for you

Solution #3:
Map What you Know

We help your staff prepare the workflow involved in preparing, installing, and applying the semantic framework to your information using an automatic categorization system.

We make sure your enterprise strikes an effective balance between human and computer categorization skills.

We document the essential procedures for maintaining the framework, taxonomy and thesaurus and train your staff to ensure ongoing independence of oipeeration.