Loss of control of information assets
Lost business opportunities

The Vice President has asked you, as Chief Knowledge Officer of a global company, to create a unified, consistent approach to managing the company's information assets.

Your company has 124 different web sites used by different communities of interest in divergent parts of the world. Just thinking about the implications makes your head spin. Where do you start?  Maybe starting with a vendor is a good idea. But will they be prejudiced by their particular solution?

If you could just find a map, a big view of the process involved, you could take it from there.

Your problem in a nutshell
  • Lack of systematic way to view the information problem
  • Need for a big picture to generate a strategic approach
What we do for you

Solution #1:
Create a Knowledge Framework

We undertake an inventory of your information assets so you know what your information assets are, where they're located and what business purpose they serve. Now you're in an informed position to make strategic decisions on how to organize and manage your information assets for enterprise-wide access.