Duplication of work
Wasted money

Your business unit went ahead and did a market survey and later found out that an identical survey was done by the product development group in your London office.

You've wasted $100,000 and lost two months lead time in developing specifications for a new product line.

Your problem in a nutshell
  • Lack of a systematic categorization of information content
  • Need for personalization software to push new information out to interested people
What we do for you

Solution #2:
Create a Knowledge Framework

We show you how to build a knowledge framework that provides the semantic structure and common vocabulary for labeling the content of your information assets. Now you're ready to label your assets (See Solution #3) for matching with user interest profiles.

Solution #3:
Map What You Know

We work with your vendor-of-choice to supply the knowledge framework to your unstructurted content using automatic categorization software.

Once your information is labeled the framework can also serve as the standard term list for creating personalized user profiles. The matching of user profiles with your information assets is much easier regardless of the personalization software solution you may elect.

Now you're ready to consider the purchase of a personalization software solution.