Missing important information
Decreased productivity and innovation

Your company expects its staff to be current with the latest information in their specific area of expertise.

Some information arrives from external sources, some is generated within the company.  But still you feel you're missing new information.

At a meeting last week you were completely unaware of a new internal report vital to your work.

Your problem in a nutshell
  • Lack of topical names and categories describing information assets
  • Lack of user interest profiles
  • Lack of personalization software to match information content profiles with user interest profiles
What we do for you

Solution #2:
Create a Knowledge Framework

A knowledge framework provides the semantic structure and common vocabulary for labeling the content of your information assets and the special interests of each staff member.

The framework makes the matching of user and asset profiles much easier regardless of the personalization software solution you may elect.

Now you're ready to implement a peersonalization software solution.