Inaccessible information
Wasted staff time

You have a major business decision to make or you've been asked to find some information by a senior executive or a client.

You know the information exists but you can't find it. Your company's intranet search engine retrieves hundreds of documents, none of them relevant. Alternatively, the search engine retrieves zero documents.

You suspect the document is on someone's desk top but you don't know whose and the search engine can't access individual desk tops.

Your problem in a nutshell
  • Proliferation of silos of unidentified, non-indexed information
  • Inability to access and search across all information silos
  • Information not categorized to enable focused, precise searches

What we do for you

Solution #1:
Know What You Know

We undertake an inventory of your information assets so you knowwhat your information assets are, where they're located and what business purpose they serve.

Now you're in an informed position to make strategic decisions on how to better organize and manage your information assets for enterprise-wide access and more precise search results.

Solution #2:
Create a Knowledge Framework

We show you how to build the semantic structure and vocabulary required to organize, categorize and link nyour information assets for focused retrieval.